Laminated blades
Laminated blades consist of three layers. Two softer outer layers of steel protect the middle layer of very hard steel. The layers of softer steel give the blade toughness and durability. Middle layer gives superb cutting and edgeholding abilities. Blade made only of the steel used in the middle layer would cut very well, but it would also be brittle. Blade made of the steel of the outer layers would be tough and flexible, but would not hold an edge.
Such layered construction is the best possible combination of durability, toughness and cutting edge.

Mora Lmainated 60
size: 60x10 mm
Hind: 100.- EEK

Mora Laminated 110
Mora laminated blade, size 111x23 mm
Hind: 200.- EEK

Mora Laminated 100
Laminated Mora blade, size 100x22 mm
Hind: 120.- EEK